Running the course on the cloud

The course is also run using cloud based open source technologies. These are some characteristics of the cloud based version of the course.

Cloud Based Course

Course participants work on their individual Amazon Server

Open Source Analytics Tools

Latest analytics methods available through the use of RStudio open source tools

Collaborative Analytics

All participants share material and analyses through the github online collaborative platform

Efficient Replicability

All course material and analysis can be easily replicated as they have been developed using state-of-the-art open source technologies that allow mixing text and analytics code (in RStudio)

Easy Reusability

All course analyses can be re-used any time with different data

Content Sharing

All course content and tools can be used after class: all class content and analytics tools are based on free, open source technology

Running the course on the cloud...

More information can be found in the cloud based course technical instructions page.